Sneak Peek: Check, Please! Review

In case you’re curious about one of the restaurants I reviewed for the show, here is a sneak peek:

What’s next? We surmised, and decided on the sweetbreads. Diner’s note: “sweetbreads” do not equal “sweet bread.” We found out the hard way.

“It’s thymus.” The server revealed, when we looked lost in our dish. “Veal.”

After going home and googling it, we found out what sweetbreads were — throat glands and pancreas glands of calves. However, because the name is a little discrete, perhaps it would have been useful for the staff to ask politely, “Have you tried them before?” for those who may not be schooled on offal.

Yes….you heard that right. I bit into calf throat gland. GAH. That moment when I realized that what I was biting into was not bread is still replaying in my mind. All I can see is me chewing, watching my boyfriend cut into another piece and seeing meat juice oozing out and thinking, WHAT…IS…THIS? Andrew Zimmern….I don’t know how you do it!


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