Kutchinta on a Sunday


I have to say that Kutchinta contrasts starkly with the American perception of what a dessert is. It’s not poignantly sweet. It’s not chocolatey. In fact, it’s the balance of textures and flavors that makes Kutchinta pleasurable to eat…and at the very basis of dessert is this premise, I think. Something that is fun to eat. Not necessarily satisfying in the savory sense, but something frivolous and spunky that leaves you with a good mouthfeel.

Kutchinta is a gelatinous tart made with rice flour, brown sugar, annato powder and lye water (sodium hydroxide). It is the lye water that gives the rice flour a consistency akin to gelatin.

Kutchinta is topped with freshly grated coconut (or dried, whichever you prefer) and you need both for a good, quality bite. The orange hue, calming cool flavor and sweet coconut tendrils are an eating experience that beg to be explored.



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