New Beginnings!

Another summer Hello,

Siena and I, Rockefeller Center

Siena and I, Rockefeller Center, 100 degree weather!

So I don’t do personal posts very often, but thought I’d do one in light of all of the coming changes. There is a lot planned for the 2013-2014 year! Like:

  • In two weeks, I begin teaching again. This summer was amazing — plenty of time by the ocean, the lake, concerts, a trip to NY, a trip down the coast. But at the same time, I feel very poised and antsy to begin my full-time job again. I’m starting to get the beginning of the year jitters; but that’s a good sign. They’re not as heightened as they were this time last year. It’s my 2nd year so I have a little experience under my belt but curriculum is still a looming and daunting challenge. I have started planning but still — there is much to do! I don’t think the work of a teacher is ever done. Biggest change: new principal, new vice principals, new athletic director…basically new leadership! Looking forward to these changes and being apart of this new beginning at my school.
  • I have recently accepted a position as a Food columnist for Metroactive Newspaper of Silicon Valley. Every week, you can browse my column for seasonal menu changes, food trends, and upcoming restaurants in the south bay. I’m very excited about this opportunity and the chance to form more tangible relationships with restaurants in the area.
  • I’m still doing fairly regular restaurant reviews at Metro.
  • In a few weeks I will also, concurrently begin my last year at university for my credential.
  • I’m in the process of moving.

Yes — life is a whirlwind, but a very good one at that! The Aries in me likes to feel productive and in the throes of passion — whether that is family, work, or really doing what I love…writing about food and capturing its contexts. Deconstructing food and memorializing food experiences is very fulfilling for me. I hope that this year brings new revelations on food, and more attention to food as an academic subject.

Also — just a little plug, but I feed the twitter monster pretty regularly:

Filipino Food Project on Twitter (@filipinoproject)

Featured: Did you know? Filipino food facts, Cooking tips, Filipino food pioneers, articles published on Filipino food, Blog spotlights and cities where Filipino food is thriving!!!

Feel free to read and spread the word!

As always, please keep in touch and if you are so inclined — participate in sharing your experiences with Filipino food. Storytelling is a great vehicle for us. There is still much to be told, heard, remembered. Blessings to you all —




One thought on “New Beginnings!

  1. I like that you try to add a little Filipinana to every piece you write for Metro. Send me a shout if you fancy a guest writer for the blog. All the best.

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