About Kristine

Food is the axis around which matters of deeper life revolve.

“In Cibus Veritas” — “There is truth in food.”


Kristine Bautista is a graduate from UC Berkeley and a bay area native. Professionally, she is a regular food columnist for Metro Silicon Valley, the leading publisher of alternative newsweeklies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her articles have also appeared on SFGate.com and SanJose.com.

In December 2012 she was also selected to be a guest food critic on the James Beard award-winning KQED show Check, Please!  She was featured on the 2nd episode of the 8th season in April 2013. (Link to the episode here.)

In the past, Kristine also assisted with the PBS television series Food Forward (foodforward.tv), a show based on food pioneers who are crafting new, more sustainable eating practices in the United States. In recent news, the show has picked up national sponsorship from Chipotle going into its second national season.

In November 2012, Kristine created FilipinoFoodProject.com to bring more culinary equity to Filipino food through personal exploration, interviews and tastings.

Kristine is a mother of an incredible daughter named Siena, named after the city nestled in the hills of Italy. She is also a San Jose native and a Special Education teacher for students with Mild/Moderate disabilities. In her spare time she loves international travel, non-fiction literature, philosophy and, dessert.

[Quote credit: What We Hunger For, Doug Bauer]

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